Monday, September 29, 2008

Noah LOVES to jump. He is so fun to watch and interact with when he's in his jumper. This video is so great of him...except I didn't think about the fact that video can't be flipped, so I recorded it the wrong way. Won't make that mistake again, but even though it's annoying to turn your head through the is so worth it to watch. Enjoy...and feel free to make fun of me for my lack of camera skills (Matt did)!

More Virginia Beach...

We drove down Friday after Noah was asleep and stayed with Noah's Auntie Anna. Saturday morning we went on a walked by the beach with Noah. It was a beautiful weekend, not too hot, nice and breezy.

Just playing at Anna's on Sunday morning.

We stopped at Applebee's halfway home on Sunday. (Noah did great on the ride home...the last hour he was definitely done with his carseat, but he did really well nonetheless!) Matt gave Noah his first taste of a lemon...

We also gave him his first taste of some plain water that weekend (just a few drops from a straw). Funny how the simplest things can be so exciting and fun!

Just plain cute

Southern's Wedding

Matt, Noah and I were in Virginia Beach for Southern and James' wedding two weekends ago. (Only one more wedding coming up this year...) Matt and Noah ended up missing the ceremony, but we all had a blast at the reception. The band was fantastic...and Noah actually went to bed at his normal time and slept in the car seat (with several burp rags stuffed around his ears to muffle the noise!)

Beautiful Bride!

Bed time!

Girl's House...

Monday, September 8, 2008


Over Labor Day weekend Matt, Noah and I went to visit Noah's Uncle Michael, Aunt Amy and his cousins Luke and Allison. This was the first time that Noah got to meet all of them except his Uncle Michael and he loved it. Matt and I were thrilled to get to see them too, especially since we hadn't even met our gorgeous niece yet (and she's 10 months old already)! Look at how precious she is...

Allison loved Noah, and perhaps thought he was a toy just for her. She is actually twice his age right now...a little perspective on what a big boy Noah is.

Luke has gotten so big since the last time we saw him. I tried to get him to promise me he'd stop growing too fast...but he laughed and said no.

On Sunday morning we went to the zoo. Luke told us all the best animals to see. Our fist stop was the flamingos.

This was Noah's first trip to the he was trying to be a little monkey.

All the cousins together. We tried to get Luke to hold Allison and Noah's hands. This picture is right after Luke had grabbed Noah's hand, then took it back and said, "I don't want to get wet". Yup, Noah's hand was indeed very slobbery, but Luke was a great sport!

Allison trying to play with Noah...and Noah just chilling and loving the action.

All together again. We should have videotaped this scene...trying to get 3 little ones to look and smile in the same direction at the same time - very humorous!

Just love it...

Catching up...

We are LOVING the jumper. Noah still hasn't quite figured out how to really jump in it yet. He spins and moves around a lot...he's trying to work off some of the chub on his you see it? Don't you just want to take a big bite?! "Big Bite" is Matt's newest nickname for Noah by the way (it's also a Food Network show starring Guy Fieri).

Currently Noah's favorite teethers are his fingers. That's right, he'll pick them every time. Hopefully this will change once his little teeth actually poke through...still waiting.

Love my men.