Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer - Before the Heat Wave...

I hate how hot it's been lately.  I feel like I can't take the kids outside for longer than 30 minutes...and that's only if I manage to get them out of the house before 10 (or after 6).  Boo to being stuck inside when it looks like it's so nice outside...
Here's a few fun things we did before the excessive heat started. (In memory of the nice days, and in hopes of them returning soon.)

Strawberry picking!  This was our first time and we all loved it.  The kids ate tons of strawberries and we got plenty to take home too. 
Still at the strawberry farm - Noah still loves tractors.  (Who doesn't?)

This is what we've been doing when we want to play with water at the house.  The baby pool got gross over the winter, so it's destined for the trash (though it may still be under our porch at the moment).   
Chloe doesn't like to get too wet or stay wet for too long, so this is perfect for her.
Noah on the other hand...could play in the sprinkler for hours it seems.
And more water!
We also fill up a bunch of buckets for water play too.  The kids like to water things: the grass, the tree, the plants, and of course, themselves.



Time to Ride!

Chloe loves her car, and she loves bubbles.  But when things don't do what she wants them to do she gets mad.  And makes this face.  And it's hard not to laugh. 
(Don't worry - I'm sure that as soon as I took this picture I told Noah that he had to wear shoes to ride his bike.  The kid takes them off every chance he gets.)

Construction & Gardening!

We (err, Matt) built a raised bed on the back deck.  The kids helped.  Noah really loved going to Lowe's with Matt to pick up everything he needed (they had to take 2-3 trips).  They helped put in some dirt too.  Unfortunately, the back deck doesn't get enough sun throughout the day to grow plants successfully.  Lots of work, and no veggies out back to show for it.  The plants in the front are still doing great though... 


Noah got the sandbox from Granddaddy for his birthday.  The kids love it!

 I got this idea from Hope - the kids had a ton of fun, and so did Matt and I. (We had blue, yellow, red and green...but Noah mixed them all up) 

Baby Birds!

 Back in May we had a momma bird with some eggs on the front of out house.  Noah loved watching her sit on her eggs, and once they hatched he got to see her feed her babies a few times.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This was actually back in May.  Had to get creative with entertaining the kiddos when we had all that rain...
Thank you Scottie for the idea!

Monday, July 11, 2011


We went to Ohio to visit the cousins (and meet our newest nephew Ryan) over Memorial Day weekend.  I really wish we lived closer so we could see them more - the kids had so much fun together.  The weekend had a rocky start when we decided to leave at 2 am for the drive instead of right after work (due to a thunderstorm).  Would have been fine, except both kids woke up and stayed awake for the entire drive.  They were actually amazingly good all weekend considering that they had so little sleep that first night (thank you Jesus!)
Noah obviously understood and remembered his cousins, so he was super excited and had an amazing time.  Chloe tried her hardest to keep up with all the big kids too. 
Aunt Rachel and Grammie got to come too...
Chloe and Allison - such sweet girls:)
Noah and Luke.  Noah really looked up to Luke and had such a great time playing with him.  Luke even let Noah play with some of his Legos - it was really sweet. 
Swingset in the backyard - Win!
We just love sweet Ryan. Noah doted on him quite a bit...
What a bunch of cuties!
The gorwn-ups had fun playing too...
Noah loves his cousin...

And he had so much fun playing big boy games with Luke and Uncle Michael.
Chloe, Noah, Ryan, Luke and Allison
The drive home - these were some tuckered out kids.