Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Busier than I thought...

...I guess since I've never been that great at blogging regularly, no one is too shocked when a couple of weeks go by without any updates. I know, I all want more pictures. It's just been easier to throw pictures up on FaceBook lately. I'll get to it, promise. I have been recovering fairly well. I probably didn't rest quite as much as I should have in the beginning, but I did better than I did the last time. Matt said that I did a lot less this time (since I didn't do laundry, dishes, etc). Of course I did get down on the floor to play with Noah a couple of times a day. I really wanted the transition to be as smooth for him as possible, so I was thankful that Chloe slept practically all the time the first few days. So I'm not fully recovered by any means, but I've pretty much resumed most of my normal activities (as far as chores go at least).
Today was my second full day alone with both kids while Matt worked. I was a little nervous, but we're all fine, so what more can I ask for? Chloe has decided that she wants to be awake when Noah naps, so that means no nap for me, but that's okay. It means that she sleeps more when Noah is up and playing so I can focus on him a good amount. While Noah is doing really well with Chloe, I have had to resort to a couple of interesting tactics to keep him form hurting her. Once I'm healed I think I'll keep Chloe in the Ergo (baby carrier) a lot...but I can't wear that yet...SO I have done the following:

...put Chloe in a laundry basket (empty) and brought her into the bathroom with me when I had to go.
...made Noah come to the bathroom with me every other time I've had to go (DUH, that's definitely easier than getting out the laundry basket).
...strategically placed Noah in front of the TV (on) while going to wash my hands.
...made Noah follow me into the kitchen to watch me wash my hands numerous times.

Seems crazy right? Well as great as Noah is with Chloe, he's not even 21 months yet. One time today when I finished washing my hands I came into the living room to find Chloe in the bouncy seat where I left her. Noah was standing next to her (I said "Noah, do not touch Chloe, NO touching" every 3 seconds while I was out of the room for the 45 seconds that I was gone) and on top of her blanket lay Noah's toy giraffe and his flashlight. So Noah may not have touched her, but he apparently thought she wanted some toys. Such a sweet, sweet boy I have. So aside from the "no touching her face" and "no hitting," choruses, I have now added "Noah, Chloe is too little to play with your toys" into the mix. It really is sweet how he tries to play with her. And hold her.

Okay, so lets see some pictures (and no, they aren't edited, I apologize for the redeye and anything else I should have fixed).

Noah's first time painting! He was pretty fascinated by the concept. Thank you Grammie for the fun (and NON-messy) paint books!
This kid was in desperate need of a haircut. It's need done now, but this is his shaggy look. Still cute though right?
The BIG SNOW! And yes, that is my hubby in shorts and a t-shirt. And yes, he is crazy.
I sent Noah outside with mittens on, According to Matt, "they were driving Noah crazy cause he couldn't play in them...and his hands aren't getting in the snow anyway." The evidence tells a different story.
Cold hands or not, the kid is his father's son. He had a blast and loves the snow as long as he doesnt' have to stand in a foot of it. I think we ended up with over 20 inches by the way. Insane!
Must sleep now. More later.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

So how's Noah adjusting to his new sister???

This is one of the most common questions we've been getting. I thought a video would help to explain how Noah feels about his new little sister.

As you can see he likes to get in Chloe's face a lot. And talk...sometimes very loudly...and he likes to touch her face (we're working on that). But overall Noah loves his little sister.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chloe Elizabeth

December 10, 1:13 pm

9lbs, 3.2oz.

Sweetest little girl in the world.

More to come soon...