Sunday, February 24, 2008

Showered by the SSH

Yesterday morning Gena threw me my final shower. She had a lovely brunch and I was able to catch up with the girls from that place I used to work...nuff said about that. We had some great catch up time and again Noah and I were very blessed to get more of the necessities along with some 'just for fun' stuff. Matt and I are so grateful for the generosity and even more so for the prayers of our friends and family as we eagerly await Noah's arrival...less than 5 weeks now!!

Showered by friends and family

Last weekend, on the 16th Matt's mom threw us a shower. A lot of family and friends who we hadn't seen in a while came out. It was so great to get to visit with so many people who wanted to celebrate little Noah's soon arrival. Micah was there and was a big help with the presents...he was a little sad that nothing was for him, but he was excited that his cousin, "Baby Noah" got so much fun stuff.

Showered by Uptown

On February 10th I got a very fun surprise when I went over to Uptown for our regular Bible study...the girls threw Noah and me a shower! While the cat had accidentally gotten out of the bag I was still very much surprised and incredibly blessed by all that the girls did for me. We had funfetti cake (Noah's favorite) and played lots of fun games. The girls had to write down their guesses for how much Noah will weigh when he comes out, and whoever guesses the closest gets to hold him first! All I can say is that I hope it isn't Mallory since she guessed 11 lbs 4ozs! Noah got his second handmade blanket and I got the Vera diaper bag that I really wanted along with lots of other fun necessities. It was a great night and Noah will be so blessed to have these amazing 9 girls in his life.

Showered by Homegroup

On February 9th the ladies in my homegroup had a shower while the boys had a poker night for Matt. Noah got his first handmade blanket from Nancy and lots of other fun things as well. Amy hosted a formal tea and served dinner along with it - so fun and relaxing!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Superbowl Night...Yea Giants!

Well for those of you that didn't know, Matt is a huge football fan. This year one of his two fantasy football teams won the Superbowl and his flag football team made it to their Superbowl but lost. It's been a pretty good year for him as far as his teams go...but on Sunday night it became a year to remember. I have to say that Matt has stuck with the Giants through good and bad, and he was rewarded on Sunday. It was really a great game...very loud, but great. We watched it with Matt's family and they have very powerful vocal chords-of course so do I so hopefully Noah gets a random recessive gene there. Sunday night was also the first night Matt got to hold his new little niece, he was pretty enamored.

Showered at The Girl's House!!

This past weekend Anna threw Noah and me our very first shower. We were so excited to have so many friends come in from out of town to celebrate with us. Anna, Kate, Southern and Beth all came for the entire weekend and we were joined on Saturday by Meredith and her family as well. My sister and friend Amy (the other one in the pictures with a bun in the oven-due in May) came up for the shower Saturday as did Deb and Amy C. We got lots of fun things and were incredibly blessed by the shower. The biggest surprise of the weekend was that Anna had planned to have it at our old house. That's right, we actually got to spend the morning at the girls house, and the cherry on top may have been the fact that Anna brought up some crab cakes from SurfRider so that I could have my favorite food (Noah will like seafood like his mom, no matter what his dad says)! It was also a special blessing to get to finally meet Meredith and Mike's little ones, Peter (2) and Caroline (8mo). It 's so hard to believe that we're all even old enough to have kids most of the time. Kate said it well, "when are they going to find out that we're pretending to be grown ups?" All in all it was truly a fantastic weekend...Noah and I felt very well loved and we are both excited to start using all the fun stuff we got.

Beautiful Riley Faith

On the 24th of January we were blessed with another new niece, Riley Faith. She was 6lbs 15oz and perfect. I got a chance to hold her at the hospital, but Matt waited since the demand was so high (he's so self-sacrificing). Her brother Micah is very proud and loves "his baby" very much. Since Matt and I arrived at the hospital first (we live closest) we were hoping to sneak a peak before the crowd arrived, but Beth and Silas wanted to wait for Micah to meet his little sister before anyone else got while we were waiting Matt got this picture of me with Noah (okay, I'm sticking it out a little, but look how much he's grown since just a month ago at Christmas)!

Christmas Day - about 27 weeks in...

These are the first good pictures that Matt and I got with little Noah in them too (he'll be much cuter once he's out of the belly - no worries)!