Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12 Months...

My precious Chloe turned one this month. ONE!  About two weeks ago. It really snuck up on me - and I'm pretty sure it hasn't completely hit me yet. Only a year ago, sweet Chloe was so little...
...and a few months later, she wasn't just a sweet sleepy baby.  She was a giggly, grabby, happy baby.
And then half way through this first year she was sitting up.  Playing with toys.  Cooing and smiling all the time...
By 9 months she was crawling.  And into everything.  She loved to sit up on her knees and scout out the best place to go play - which was pretty much always wherever Noah was. She talked even more and had gotten good at using some signs to tell us what she wanted. 
And now.  She's one.  12 entire months have flown by.  In some ways I'm so glad she's reached this milestone - but there's a sadness too.  I'm so incredibly grateful for the amazing gift she is and that I get to be in her life.  Grateful for every day though they pass too quickly.  I love that Chloe is one and that I get to see more every day, the little girl, then the teenager and then the woman that she'll become.  There are so many sweet moments that I know I'll forget.  But at least I have those moments.  I hate that so many people lose them.  I can't think about Chloe turning one without thinking about Gwen not turning one.  I'm so grateful for the moments that I spent with her - that I even got to meet her at all was such an incredible blessing.  I trust my God.  I trust Him, and I wish things were different.  I trust him and I wish I had a picture of Chloe sitting next to sweet Gwen at her party.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Giraffe and Kitty

I uploaded the pictures for this post over two weeks ridiculous is that?  Noah wasn't feeling very good for Micah's 6th Birthday (I know, I could should  do a whole post on my sweet Micah and how crazy it is that he's already 6...) and the Fall Festival (on Halloween).  We had a crazy day, Micah's pool party from 2-4 and then the Fall Festival after that.  By the time we got home it was really too late to trick or treat...and Noah was SO tired...and I forgot to buy candy to hand out.  So it was a candy-less weekend (yay!). 
Here's Noah in his giraffe costume.  Doesn't he look exhausted?
Chloe was a kitty cat.

Noah loved the petting zoo and he actually touched a calf.  (without me holding him!)  Those of you that have seen him around animals that he doesn't know understand what a big deal that is...
Chloe's costume may have been a little small...
...but she's still super cute in it!  Thanks to Anya for lending us her costume!

Noah got to go on a hayride with Matt - the highlight of the day!  He thought it was pretty cool that Dr. Marsh was driving.  Apparently he kept yelling at him though, "Don' go in da mud!  No go in da mud!"  Haha!

Chloe steals Noah's cup every chance she gets.  I love that face though.  "What?  Don't you take this cup away from me mommy!"  Haha!