Monday, July 21, 2008

First time at the beach

So while we were in Virginia Beach for Beth's' shower we had to take Noah to see the ocean for the first time. He's still too little (or maybe I should say young) to be wearing sunscreen so we didn't actually do the beach thing while we were there. Matt dipped his feet in the water, and Noah just stared. We were expecting him to be a bit more excited, but it was a to to take in all at once.

Can you tell that Anna is a beach girl, and Matt and I live in the mountains?! Noah loves his Aunt Anna!

Just chillin.

We stopped for food and a break on the way back home. It was a 4 hour drive (we drove down Friday night after Noah was asleep - perfect!) so we needed a long stretch break. Noah did amazingly well in the car. He was a bit frustrated the last 50 minutes or so cause he was awake and wanted to play. Currently a big part of playing for Noah consists of assisted sitting up, so the car seat was restraining him too much for his taste. He did great though, what a trooper!

Oh what a night!

We had a pretty amazing bachelorette party for Beth two weekend's ago. Some key words to help paint the, fondue, mechanical bull, Love Shack, Virginia Beach Baby!

4th of July

Okay, I'm behind so we'll do pictures with minimal was a good Fourth!

Uncle Silas was making Noah giggle like crazy!

Uncle Paul and Aunt Cindy with Noah

So cute!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Little Devastating

So Matt and I did some research and decided to get an external hard drive to back up all Noah's pictures on. We purchased one a couple of weeks ago and last Monday Matt was planning on getting it up and going and backing up the pictures. Matt had to run a couple of errands that day, during which a crazy thunderstorm went through Hburg. That's right folks, our hard drive got fried. We were optimistic when the computer people said that they were able to retrieve some things for us. When we got the computer back (with a new hard drive) we found many of the pictures had been retrieved. Investigating further we have found that only the thumbnail versions of these pictures were saved so they are basically useless. Yes we had a good surge protector, that didn't help. Yes I had tried to upload the entire album to Costco a couple of times (for my mom to order prints) but was unsuccessful both times. Yes I have cried about this. I must say that I am SO grateful for this blog and for Facebook because at least not all our pictures have been lost. If anyone has any pictures of Noah, please please please send them to me. Now that is part of my excuse for not having posted in a while...but in reality, I've just been busy. We will be out of town again this coming weekend, but then life should settle down for a bit and I should be able to catch up. I do have all the pictures form July 4th forward on the I'll work on those soon.