Thursday, July 15, 2010

Virginia Beach - Memorial Day

This was Chloe's first trip (of many more to come) to Virginia Beach. We stayed with good friends and got to see several of my old roommates from the Girl's House days.
Chloe is so cute in her little bathing suit!
Hakon is a couple of months younger than Noah - they had a blast playing together!
Noah preferred the sprinkler over the pool. He actually said that the pool was dirty because there was grass in it (grass that he had thrown in it). Crazy kid!

Beth and Ted came as well (we all stayed with Kate and Mark - such great hosts!) and we got to meet Sarah and Kai for the first time. They are so precious - I'm so excited to see them grow up together!
Are these babies cute or what?! That's Kai, Chloe and Sarah. Kai is about a month older than Chloe but look at how tall he is!

Buying cute baby swimsuits at Old Navy is a weakness of mine...
I had to take a picture of them together while they were strapped in cause they didn't stay still long enough to get a good picture of them playing. They sure were good at wearing each other out!
True Love!

We had the best time...I only wish we lived closer and could visit more often...

May- photo dump

Noah likes to cheese it up for the camera these days.
Mother's Day
Great day. Matt got Noah up and let me sleep in with Chloe. I woke up when Noah ran into the room yelling because he was so excited about the card he made me. Such a great day with my hubby and my precious babies.
There is no cuter baby.

First time I got the pool out for Noah...and he didn't want to get in. He just ran around it and threw things in. Sigh.
Trying so hard to sit up like a big girl. She's almost there!
Thank you Dawn and Barry for my tomato and green pepper plants! So excited...and Noah is a great helper with the watering.
I know, you agree...definitely the cutest baby EVER.

Rice Cereal 04.24.10

First rice cereal for Chloe. She's growing up way too fast!

Time for a photo shoot (April)

I frequently put Chloe on the couch to take pictures of her since she can't sit up all by herself quite yet (if you didn't see my last post - I'm catching up, so these are from April). The proceeding pictures illustrate the way these little photo shoots generally go.

If I were to ask Noah to sit on the couch with Chloe to take a picture, he wouldn't want to. He's too busy playing.

But the moment I start taking pictures of her...he wants in.

Apparently he thought she should be wearing her hat.

Yes! A picture that both kids are looking at me and smiling in! But I had to leave that hat on Chloe - drat!

Big brother love

Done with pictures, now it's playtime again:)

It's so fun to watch them play together. They really adore eachother...every parents dream. And yes, I know that can change, but I'm loving it while I have it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Okay, I'm so behind but a lot has gone on that I feel needs to be noted on the I'm going to *try* to catch up this week.

Easter & Noah's 2nd Birthday

Chloe was given her Easter basket once we got to Mimi & Papa's house, so her basket above was just for this year. Since Noah's actual birthday was on Easter this year, we spent the majority of the day just celebrating Easter so Noah would understand that it was a separate event.

Matt told Noah the Easter story while Noah ate candy (before breakfast!) and stared at his new toys.

We did have a bday cake for him.

He LOVED the Easter egg hunt...especially once he found out there was candy inside the eggs. Papa put about 7 jelly beans in each egg (he is NOT allowed to fill the eggs next year!)

Noah and Chloe before sweet!

Noah's 2nd Birthday Party
We had a party for Noah a week after his birthday. A lot of friends came to play and we all had a lovely time.

Noah got a new airplane to ride on from his Granddaddy and Aunt Rachel & Uncle Geoff.

Granddaddy with his grandbabies

Notice that Noah has a fist full of grass...which he proceeded to throw up in the air...landing on Chloe's face.

I made him a tractor cake. I rock.

The kitchen was a WRECK after his party. This is just a glimpse...

Finishing up April

Noah still likes to get into things and make big messes.

Thanks to Aunt Cindy and Uncle Paul for the t-ball set! Noah is actually really good at hitting the ball off the T!

Chloe just keeps growing and is interacting a ton. She is such a joy!

Noah loves Chloe and she loves him right back. They are so sweet together...

I had to. She's so cute...but not quite staying upright while sitting on her own (at the time of this picture anyway).