Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MRI and Chic-fil-a: Always a Silver Lining

Last Saturday I hit the 25 week mark of this pregnancy.  In some ways this actually seems like the slowest pregnancy...partially because I'm home all the time and partially because there are more uncertainties this time around.  We found out at our 20 week ultrasound (I know, sorry I didn't tell you sooner) that we are definitely having another girl.  We were pretty sure from the previous US, but it was nice to have the "definite" confirmation before I started painting the room.

Baby Grace was doing great, which was a HUGE sigh of relief for me.  During the US the tech looked at everything before the heart...it was making me so anxious.  When she finally tried to look at the heart she couldn't get a good shot...and that was making me even more anxious.  I finally asked her if everything looked okay and she said it did, but Grace was just moving around a lot so she had a hard time getting the measurements.  Anyway, she got them and Grace looks perfect. 

On the flip side, we also learned that I definitely do have placenta previa (we knew previously that there was a chance).  The US (oh yes, I've already had to have 2 of the not as fun kind of USs...yuck) showed that I may have one of these more serious conditions: placenta accreta, increta and percreta.  Basically, the US showed that the placenta may have attached itself to my scar from my previous c-sections (hello huge reason to not have an unnecessary c-section).  Our doctor (who Matt and I really like and trust already) is sending me to Denver for an MRI so that they can determine where exactly the placenta has attached.  The doctor that we'll see in Denver has actually written textbooks on these conditions, so we'll be in good hands. 

Best case scenario is that we find out I just have placenta previa and I'll be able to deliver here in Gillette.  If I do have one of the more serious conditions I'll need to go to Denver to deliver.  My appointments are next Friday the 16th, so we'll know more details then.  We're obviously praying to find out that I only have placenta previa, but we're mostly SO grateful that we know what we know now rather than later.  The danger would be significantly increased if any of these conditions are discovered during labor. 

As always, God shows us His goodness and sovereignty in the midst of difficult situations.  Again, we are so incredibly thankful that what's going on inside my body is not endangering our sweet little Grace.  We're thankful to be able to prepare emotionally and prayerfully for the appointment and the rest of the pregnancy, the delivery and the recovery.  We're thankful that while a regular pregnancy would not have been covered by our new insurance (which was a huge added stress to us earlier in the pregnancy), a "complicated" one will be covered.  There are a bunch more little things to be grateful for, be assured that God is in the details - in so many ways.  Lastly, I'm thankful that I will get some chic-fil-a during this pregnancy.  Yes, Denver has Chic-fil-a, and yes, I'd be happy to eat every meal there while in town.  Matt and the kids are coming with me next week, so we'll have a little weekend away in the big city - hopefully the weather cooperates!

For you prayer warriors out there, here are some specifics to pray for:
-  Good weather (to make for safe driving to Denver) for our trip
-  Good news at the appts (1 appt for the MRI and a 2nd appt with the Dr) - that it's just placenta previa
-  That I don't have any spotting or cause for bedrest (chances go up in cases like mine)
-  Continued health for sweet little Grace as she grows

Noah and Chloe are getting so excited to meet their little sister.  They both frequently tell me they want her NOW.  More on that in another post.  Thank you friends for praying for me and sweet little Grace.