Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stat Updates

Chloe had her 4 month checkup on Monday...and her first shots. She's 19lbs and 26.25 inches. She did really well with the shots. Monday afternoon she was pretty uncomfortable, but once she got to sleep (6:15ish) she stayed asleep all night and woke up her normal happy self.
Noah had his 2 year visit the same day and weighed in at 33 lbs and almost 36 inches (I was a little preoccupied so I didn't catch the exact height. Noah absolutely loves going to see Dr. Marsh, so he had a good time.

Sorry I've been away for a while. I've had a lot of trouble uploading pictures to blogger so that's most of the reason I haven't posted in a while. Not sure if it's blogger or our computer, but I'm thinking it's most likely our's getting old. *sigh* More posts soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Adam and Sarah's Wedding Weekend

Adam and Sarah actually got married a few weeks ago. It was the week that Noah got the croup (again). I know, you're wondering how I could have gone to the wedding if Noah had the croup. He was diagnosed on a Wednesday, so we thought that with the medicine, he would be pretty much back to normal by Saturday. Problem is that I was planning on going to this wedding with the kids, but without Matt. The plan was to caravan down with family so that I'd have help (have I mentioned that the wedding was in Asheville, NC?). Once we knew Noah had croup I was on the fence as to whether or not I should go. We love Adam and Sarah and were already so sad that Matt couldn't go. Against my instincts, I agreed to go. Two sets of Chloe's great-grandparents wanted to meet her, and one great-grandmother hadn't even met Noah yet. For those reasons I decided to suck up my concerns and go. So I was on the road with the kids by 6:30 Am Thursday morning. Chloe was wonderful and slept most of the way. Noah talked about trucks on the road for the first hour, and then watched Handy Manny for the remaining 5 hours. I know, that's way too much tv. The alternative was a screaming/whining toddler who would have woken up the baby, so don't judge me. Because Noah had to get up early for the trip, and he refuses to sleep in the car, he got behind on sleep immediately. The sleep loss got worse as the days went on, so between that and the side effects from his medicine, Noah was not his usual sweet self.

Here's Chloe with Grandma McGowan, Aunt Denise and cousin Nick (the former two I hadn't even met yet).

Noah and Riley still had a good time playing together. Unfortunately Noah did get both Micah and Riley sick (I could have prevented this by waiting to drive down by myself on Friday - darn it!)

Noah was so handsome in his suit...but he was obviously not happy.

He did like playing with the piano. Barry, Silas and I all ended up missing the entire ceremony due to our kids that didnt' want to stay quiet, so we played in the reception hall.

I had never seen him look this tired/sick. Poor boy.

Papa has the magic touch with Chloe.

And they both slept in the stroller. Noah slept through almost the entire reception.

The hotel had a pool, so Mimi took Noah swimming.

Out! I felt awful anytime I looked at Noah because by Friday I knew that I should have either come later (if Noah was feeling better) or not come at all. Lesson learned. Trust my instincts. I still feel guilty for making decisions that made Noah feel worse. It was good to see family, but all in all it was a really difficult weekend.