Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another new toy...

One more thing to thank Elisa for. The PeaPod is amazing. It folds up so small and light. It's made by KidCo, check it out here. When it arrived last week Noah was ecstatic to see it. He takes his naps in a Peapod W-F so he's very familiar with it...of course after nap time on W-F if he gets to play in it he has to share it with Judah and Lillian, so the fact that he had it all to himself was almost too much excitement for him.
In case you didn't catch this part...I HIGHLY recommend this (Elisa and Laura will definitely back me up on this - it's so worth it)!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New toy!

We finally got a bike trailer! Noah loves it. We've only been out a few times (with Matt pulling the extra weight) and are finally getting to enjoy our bikes too.


Noah has been so happy for all the nice weather lately. He loves being outside just to enjoy God's creation.

I love it when Noah grabs his burpy, sticks his thumb in his mouth and rolls around on the floor. It's so sweet and it reminds me that he is still a baby, though not for too much longer.

Memorial Day

We went over to Mimi and Papa's for Memorial Day. Noah said "Papa" for the first time - so sweet! He loves going over there because there's so much cool stuff to see.
He was not loving the idea of posing for a cute picture for me. Maybe next time.
There's our happy boy! This was the first time he's been over there since he's been able to walk...he really enjoyed his freedom.