Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Aunt Anna

On Nov 25th, Noah really wanted to wear his WRV shirt so his Aunt Anna would know he was thinking about her and praying for her. Anna isn't a Valentine or a Featherstone, but she's family to Matthew, me and Noah and we wish we lived closer so we could visit more.


This year Matt and I were given the second best gift of our lives. The best gift is the amazing grace that we receive daily from our awesome God. It does amaze me daily, that he loves us this much, and that we are so incredibly blessed to know His love and grace in such a personal way. The second best gift, Noah, has made us so much more keenly aware of the love that our Father has for us, and the depth to which it reaches. We know so little, but we know that God's love is perfect in every way, and ours is far from it. We are eternally grateful to know this love, however limited our understanding of it may be. We are thankful, but not nearly thankful enough.

Yes, we blinked and Noah is becoming a little boy...slow down!

Insanely behind...

No, I have not been on vacation for the past month...but it's the holidays people. I'm busy! I'll try to catch up fast...
My mom (Noah's Grammie) came to visit for a week before Thankgiving. She babysat while I worked 2.5 days while she was here, so she got in a lot of Grammie time. Noah loved seeing his Grammie and also the sweaters she made him (the red one not the striped one).

The day after Thanksgiving my Dad and sister came to visit us (or more accurately, they came to visit Noah). Yea family!