Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crab cakes with Martha and Per...and FIRST STEPS

Martha and Per (Noah's Great Great Aunt and Uncle that live in Sweden) were in town over Mother's Day weekend. Noah and I visited with Martha on Friday while Per was fishing and it was love at first site. Noah was really busy entertaining Martha and everyone else that happened to walk through the lobby of the hotel. On Monday we all went to dinner at Cally's (formerly Calhoun's for those of you that haven't been in the burg in a while) which is our regular dinner venue when Martha and Per visit. Aside from the good food, they're also a brewery...Noah loved it (the evening, not the beer). He also loved my crabcakes (yup, he's my kid alright)!

The reason we don't have pictures:
Me: "Matt, the camera should still be in the diaper bag from yesterday unless you took it out"
Matt: "It's not in here."
Me: "Did you take it out?"
Matt: "No, I haven't seen it."
Me: "Then it should be in there, in the case"
Matt: "Well, I don't know what to tell you, it's not in here."
This is not verbatim, but you get the gist. This was our conversation at Cally's when I wanted to take a picture. What did I learn from this? Always look in the diaper bag myself...the camera was there the whole time...but I didn't realize this until we got home.

So on Sunday (Mother's Day) Noah took a couple of steps back and forth between Matt and me - so exciting! While Matt was home with him on Monday he walked across his bedroom FOUR times. I know, he's been ready for SO long, he was just waiting till he could really take off. So he did get to show off for Martha and Per which was really exciting. Now Noah is walking whenever he can, but will still revert to crawling when he loses his balance and lands on his rear. He really loves his new freedom. Yes I have video...but as of yet I have not figured out how to get video from the camcorder to the computer (all posted videos so far are from the camera). I'm working on it.

Haircut and Grilled Cheese

So this was not Noah's first haircut. I had to trim a little on the sides a couple of months ago since it was getting so long. While that was his first haircut, this is the one that has the good "before" and "after" shots. I cut it during dinner while he was distracted and strapped in place...


(Oh, I almost forgot, the above picture also shows Noah's first scab. Noah likes to climb up the 2 1/2 stairs at Elisa's up to the porch. Well, he hasn't really learned that you can't stop midway sand sit down. He didn't even cry...such a tough little boy.

Grilled Cheese! Noah is eating table food now...okay, he has been for a while. Sorry I got so behind. Anyway I thought that his first grilled cheese was worth a picture. He ate over half of a sandwich and loved it (of course)!

Mother's Day

I really should have written something down closer to the's become a little hazy. It was a wonderful Mother's Day. But really, I didn't feel any more blessed or loved than I do any other day. That really is a testament to how incredibly sweet my Noah and my Matt are every day. (sigh) Okay, so we went to Nathan and Tonya's new house for a lunch that day...and unfortunately we didn't time it very well, so Noah was pretty tired (we had to wake him up from his nap to drive down there and he insisted on staying awake for the 50 minute drive - crazy kid)
The lack of nap explains his refusal to smile for a picture.
Sweet Riley and her Uncle Matt. Riley always smiles and poses for pictures, it's so cute!
Nathan and Tonya are raising presacanarios (no idea how to spell that). They actually have 5 dogs right now but only let a max of 2 out at a time. Since the dogs were out Noah was happy to sit on a lap pretty much all day. He loves to watch the dogs, but wants them to stay a few feet away at all times.

J is Two!

Remember when J turned one last year? Noah slept through the whole party in his carseat...he was only a month old at the time. This time around Noah had tons of fun and kept us on our toes. And can you believe how grown up J is? Such a little man.
Noah definitely wanted to be on the floor playing...not hanging out with the boring adults.
For the record, Matt is eating hummus in the picture below...and liking it. I am triumphant! (and Noah is still wishing we'd let him loose)