Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have plenty Mommy...

Noah says the funniest things lately.  I know that I've forgotten plenty of funny things, but here are a few that I remember.
Noah pretending to sleep.

Just tonight at dinner Noah asked for some juice...
Me: "You can have milk or water."
Noah: "I'll have nilk."
Me: "Milk?"
Noah: "No, Nilk."
Me: "What's nilk?"
Noah: "It's sunshine." then he got a big grin on his face.
On the way to Mimi and Papa's for Easter, Noah was reading his new Bible we gave him.  He 'read' us a couple or stories - about Jesus healing the blind man and about the tomb being empty...then every time he turned another page he said (in a preachy voice), "And then God said, 'Build a marshmallow!'".  Every page he turned he said the same thing but with different items God was commanding us to build.  Build a towtruck, build a road, build an egg...etc.  Marshmallows came up several times - apparently God is a big fan.

Me: "Noah are you ready for breakfast?"
Noah comes running into the dining room," yes Mommy...don' take my socks off!"
Me:  "Okay Noah, I wasn't going to take your socks off...lets have breakfast."
Noah likes to make up his own verses to "The Wheels on the Bus".
Matt's favorite is "The bottoms on the bus go toot, toot, toot."
My favorite is "The Daddy's on the bus say 'tiiiiiiiiiired'"(you have to hear it - so sweet)
Here are a few more from a recent car ride home (in the rain):
"The giraffes on the bus say 'I love you' - later they said "I love mommy" :)

"The trucks on the bus say "it's raining"
"Chloe on the bus is getting wet."
A couple of months ago Noah started complaining that his bottom hurts after we'd change his diaper.  Turns out that he was getting diaper wedgies...
Noah: "Mommy I have a wedgie.  It's okay, it's my fault."
 Walking down the stairs one morning with Matt:
Noah:  "I have a wedgie.  I call it a wedge-ahhh."
Too busy playing to even look at the camera.

Noah: "NO - Me no eat amimawls. Me eat food." (After Matt said that a picture of a chicken was like the chicken we ate for dinner).
Apparently making giant piles of toys in the most inconvenient places is really fun.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still the sweetest...

Chloe is over 16 months now.  Insane.  She wants to do everything her brother does.  And she wants to do it NOW.  She loves sitting in the chairs.  She also loves climbing up and standing on them, so we've been keeping them on top of the table when they aren't in use...
Chloe also loves the coupe.  We are all so grateful for the warmer temperatures...the kids would probably be happy to live outside if they could. 
She also likes to help me cook.  Rather, to mess around in the fridge.  
She's still a picky eater, but she's doing better.  She loves tortellini and gets pretty upset when she runs out. 
The last Sunday in March we had a little accident.  Chloe hit her head on the coffee table.  It bled a lot and terrified me.  It stopped bleeding after a minute and she was done crying in two...so I knew she woudl be okay.  That first minute though...very scary.  Praise God she's fine and didn't even need stitches.  We took her to the hospital and they were able to use glue to hold the would closed.  It just fell off this weekend and looks great!  Below was the day after the accident. 
Every once in a while Chloe will let me put a ponytail in - so cute.  I usually turn on cartoons to distract her...
This is one little sister that can hold her own with her big brother.  They just adore eachother...but like all siblings, they have their disagreements.
Again...whatever big brother is doing is what Chloe wants to be doing.  And yes, that's a stick in her mouth.  Gross.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Three Years...

I've known this was coming for a while now.  But I'm still in a little bit of suspended reality here.  Noah is three years old today.  THREE!  Take a little look back with me.  I remember being so tired when Noah was finally born that I was in and out of sleep through the whole surgery.  I mostly slept.  I remember hearing him cry when he was out, and then when they held him next to my face, (my hands were shaking too much to hold him at that time - stupid epidural!) he stopped crying.  He just looked at me, the blurry blob that I probably was, and he was just quiet.  He started crying again when they took him to get cleaned up.  Since that day there have been many times that I've held my sweet boy and calmed his tears.  Many boo-boos kissed, many books read.  Many cars raced, many hugs, snuggles and kisses.  I wouldn't trade a single one of them - not for anything.  I'm so grateful to God for His miraculous creation.  For the sweet boy, the tender heart, and the contagious laugh.  I loved Noah when he was still in my belly...but it multiplied when I got to hold him in my arms.  It multiplies more every day.  Thank you thank you sweet Lord, for my sweet boy!
And a quick look back...he was always such a good sleeper.  Such an easy baby...
Noah at one - a mischief maker for sure.  
And at 2 - already such a loving big brother.
Noah my little man is 3.  And he's still such a joy every day! 
His party is next weekend, and if it hits me that day - I may cry a little.  Time is moving way too fast...