Friday, November 7, 2008

Welcome Isabella!

Noah's newest friend Isabella (another possible future Mrs. Valentine-apparently he has a lot to choose from) was born on the 4th at 1:53 am. Isabella's mom went through much more than I did for this precious baby girl...but as always the pain of childbirth is more than worth it. Isn't she just beautiful?! I had forgotten how little newborns are...she was so light compared to Noah (7lb, 6oz). We went to meet her on Wednesday, so she was already a day old here. Noah didn't seem too excited to see her, but he was pretty preoccupied trying to figure out why in the world I thought it was a good idea to stop somewhere after picking him up from Hannah's (rather than going straight home to have dinner). He survived the delay and will hopefully be a little more excited next time we see her.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Come on McCain...

This morning Matt, Noah and I took our first trip to the polls together as a family to vote. We probably had to wait about 45 minutes or so, but it was worth it to go as a family and start this tradition. Right now it's looking like our man is not going to come out on top. I do have to say that it looked that way four years ago too. I remember Matt and I going to bed after 11 thinking that Kerry had won, and waking up to learn that he hadn't...anything is possible!

Monday, November 3, 2008

First Tooth!

Noah's first tooth has arrived! I discovered it yesterday after Noah had finished his dinner. I tried to get a picture of it, but when I went to hold his mouth open his tongue was all over the place. Needless to say I didn't' get a picture. Below was the night before at Anna's. Noah loves unpacking the diaper bag. If you look closely you can see that there is definitely not a tooth there...but now there is! It seems like a little thing, but it just reminds me of Noah's Perfect Creator. I'm in awe.

Micah's Party

Micah wanted to dress like Spiderman for his party. When we asked him what he wanted several weeks ago he said he wanted stuff to get the bad guys with! So funny. Beth said that he'd like some toy tools, so we got him this chainsaw, and the chain actually moves. After he had opened his presents he was outside trying to cut down a tree. Precious!
One of Noah's favorite things to play with is a plastic cup...any plastic cup. Look at that belly!

Micah sat with Noah and played with him for 10 was so precious! Oh, and Noah's second favorite toy is currently the travel wipe holder - he LOVES it.
Chillin with Uncle Silas.
Love these kids. Yes, this is the best of many pictures taken of the three of them. So funny.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hakon, Noah's newest friend!

What a beautiful baby boy! Noah and I went to Virginia Beach this weekend to meet his newest friend, Hakon. We drove down Friday night and back up Saturday night (Praise the Lord for the safe trip...and I'm never doing it that way again.)
We had a shower for Kate and Hakon Saturday morning. He is now just over 3 months old, so it looks like he's on his way to being a big healthy boy, just like Noah! I'm so excited for the day when Noah says, "Mommy, can we go visit Hakon at the beach?" I love that right now I have total control over who Noah's friends are...too bad it doesn't stay that way.
Noah also got to meet Lucy for the first time this weekend. She is a month older than him and is such a joy to be around. Another possible Mrs. Valentine perhaps??
This is the last in a series of pictures. First, Noah has a greep plastic solo cup. Lucy takes it. Scottie and I try to explain sharing to our 7 and 8 month olds. Eventually I get a 2nd cup so they each have one. Noah tries to take Lucy's cup. Lucy succeeds in taking Noah's cup. Noah is not happy about how this story ended, but he still likes Lucy.

Lil Stinker

I found this costume at Old Navy back in September and HAD to get it for Noah. It says "Lil Stinker" in a heart on his cute! He got to wear it last weekend to the Fall Festival for the first time...
Noah's friend Jude was a skunk too, Tabitha made his outfit (yes, she's a supermommy!)
Noah was a skunk again on Friday. (I brought him in to work to trick or treat for kisses!) He looks miserable, but I think he was just a little hot with the costume on inside. He does love Jessica (she was a person you can count on for Halloween~so creative!)
I love how much Cassy and Jessica both love really is one of the best gifts to give a parent, (after free babysitting of course!)