Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Battle is RAGING...and the Cuteness keeps winning.

This is the cuteness:
She seems so demure...so sweet...
...but there's a stubborn, stubborn girl in there...
A girl who thinks she's as old as her big brother.
She thinks this cute smile will let her get away with anything...
So she strikes as soon as our backs are turned.  Food EVERYWHERE.  Dishes and utensils on the floor.  Food on the floor.  The disgusting, impossible to keep clean, floor. 
But she's just so sweet.
And before too long she'll be able to eat without making the dining room look like WW3  just happened.  And then I'll be sad that she's that big.  And I'll look at these pictures and think they're just cute.  One day, I will forget the hours I've spent cleaning up after my kids...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sleep is more important

Noah and Chloe had done so well sharing a room.  They did great with bed times...and mornings, generally waking up around 6:30.  Well, wake up time started creeping up earlier and earlier.  Finally, we found ourselves typically up between 5:15 and 5:30.  Uncool.  If you know Matt and me, you know that we are not really morning people.  Well, not 5:15 AM people anyway.  The kids would end up watching extra cartoons while we sat/lay around in a zombie like state.  When I'd finally have enough energy to make coffee, around 7...the livingroom floor would already look like this: 
Last weekend, Noah had a fever from Thursday night through Sunday so we put Chloe down in the spare room. Once Noah started feeling better, we had 2 mornings of sleeping till 7!!  And then we put them back in the same room.  Hello 5 AM wake up call.  Chloe tends to whine a little sometimes during her light sleep phases.  Now, if she wails in the middle of the night, Noah sleeps through it.  But, I guess that maybe they'd just both wail just enough...to wake each other up.  And not only are mommy and daddy cranky when woken up at 5...so are the kiddos.  So Chloe is back in the spare room, and we've had many more mornings of sleeping in till 7. But I am (again) way behind on blogging since now I really can only do it at work on my lunch.  And that's the only time I can do pretty much anything online.  Sigh.  Thinking about a way to remedy this situation....

In the meantime here are some pictures from January.  Noah is very into puzzles these days.  He does all of his puzzles (below plus a couple more) at least once a day.  He loves it and is so patient with them. 
Both kids still love to read.  Chloe will have us read her new favorite book, "Brown bear, brown bear..." 3 times in a row before she'll let us put it down.  
Noah loves his new memory game...we have yet to play memory with it though.
Chloe wants to be wherever Noah is.  So when Noah wants to play with something that Chloe really shouldn't get her hands on...we have table time.  Chloe gets to do her puzzles (which mostly entail her throwing the pieces on the floor) while Noah does puzzles or memory or painting etc.  Any other moms figure out a way to keep a 1yo away from big bro or sis during those activities?  I'll take suggestions cause Chloe is NOT as happy in her chair for as long as Noah is in his.  So he practically never gets to do playdoh, paint etc anymore.  :(  At least not at home.  Oh, this is cause they nap at the same time now.  And Noah generally takes longer naps than Chloe (definitely my kid).