Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

Noah's first night in his big boy bed was actually at the end of August.
He is so proud of his new bed (and his Cars sheets).  It's actually a twin bed, so it looks huge with him lying in it.  So I'm sure you're wondering how the adjustment has gone.  Don't hate me.  He slept in his big boy bed without a problem and waits for us to get him out of bed in the morning.  It's been almost a month, and he has yet to get out of his bed after nap or in the morning before we come get him.  I've even told him numerous times that when he wakes up in the morning he can get out of bed and come tell us he's ready to go downstairs.  But to no avail.  Now if only I could get Chloe to sleep in a little...
Oh, and he's excited for Chloe to sleep in his old his room.  He already naps with her and sleeps through her fussing herself to sleep.  We're just waiting for this phase of teething and waking up in the middle of the night to be over before we move her in with him. 

Bring on the tractors!

I took the kids to the County Fair for the first time this year. I was there with the kids (and no Matt) for a couple of hours before he was able to meet us there. I (unfortunately) decided not to bring the stroller in (Noah didn't want to ride in it so I put Chloe in the carrier). Normally that would be no big deal...but it was HOT that day. Chloe was so good though, she just looked around and took everything in. Seriously is it possible that I am SO blessed?! Noah had a great time too...

First stop: Tractors!
If you know Noah, you know that he was having a blast getting to see all these tractors up close. Not to mention getting to actually touch them a bit. It was so great to see his excitement!
I had a hard time tearing him away...
...but I did manage to convince him to come look at the "amimals."
I just love seeing the kids experience new and exciting things for the first time.  The joy and awe that Noah had over seeing the animals...and realizing how BIG horses and cows are - it was so fun to see.  Such a great reminder for me to see God's creation for the amazing and miraculous thing it is.  Big lessons from my little man.
Noah also got to go on his first big kid ride.  He is growing up way too fast.  Sniff, sniff.  Sigh.  Okay, I know, I probably say it every day, but it just makes me sad how fast they're growing up. 
So, back to the fair.  I didn't get a picture of this...but Noah got to see his first giraffe up close.  That's right, there was a giraffe at our county fair.  Terrified might be too strong a word to use...let's just say that Noah was quite startled by the size of the giraffe and was not interested in getting very close.  He was on edge teh whole time we were close (there was a kangaroo, a monkey, and a couple of other animals in the same area that we wanted him to see).  He was just too anxious about the giraffe to fully enjoy the fact that he saw those other animals.  I wonder what he would think if we took him to the zoo...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yet another...

Photo dump. I really do want to get back to more regular posting. I just have this need to not skip things. I can't just start posting about something that happened today when I haven't posted a single picture of the entire last month. This will pretty much catch me up, so hopefully I'll be posting more regularly moving forward. August went by so fast. Chloe is so fun...and busy!  She started officially crawling this month.  It was the week of the 23rd. She would get on all fours and rock, but then sit back down.  By the end of the week she could crawl several feet at a time.  This has started a new phase in Noah and Chloe's relationship.  Noah has always been so great about sharing toys with her (for the most part), but it was pretty much always on his terms.  Now that Chloe can actually get over to a toy she wants to play with (which is almost always whatever Noah is playing with), Noah has a harder time sharing.

One day after Noah had said "no, my cars Chloe," I explained to him that she just wants to play with what he's playing with because she loves him so much - she really just wants to play with him.  He thought about that for a few seconds, and then took a couple of toys over to her.  It was such a sweet moment for him.
He probably says "No, mine" or some form of it over a hundred times a day. He's decided that being bossy is really fun too.  "No Mommy, go over there," "No Mommy, go that way," "No Chloe, that's big boy toy."  Sometimes Chloe will be 5 feet away, playing with a completely different toy, and Noah will start scolding her, "No Chloe, that's my cars!" (the cars were also 5 feet away from Chloe). You get the idea.  Fun new phase for us!!  But seriously, we still have the absolute sweetest boy on the planet.
Chloe is now taking baths with Noah - they both love it. 
Cheese face!
more sprinkler fun
Chloe likes to stick her tongue out...A LOT.  It's so cute!
A recent conversation I had with Noah:
Noah:  "Mommy, play cars with me"
Me: "Sure" and I pick up a car...
Noah: "No, that my car mommy"  And he grabs the car.
Me:  Explain not to grab and not to talk to Mommy like that.  I start playing with another car.
Noah: "No, that my car Mommy!"  And grabs the car again.
Me: "Noah, if you want Mommy to play cars with you you have to share cars with Mommy.
Noah: thinks for a few seconds, "Nevermind Mommy, Nevermind."

Pretty funny.  I had no idea he even knew the word "nevermind."   

Saturday, September 11, 2010

July Photo Dump

4th of July
Sprinkler fun!
Sweet, sweet face!
Noah walking down the stairs like a big boy!
Big kisses!  They have so much fun together - it warms my heart!
Noah is very into building these days.  He frequently asks us to take pictures of the house or garage he builds-he's so proud of himself. 
Chloe can reach really far to get something she wants...
..sometimes she ends up on her belly, but she isn't quite crawling yet.
I love how Noah poses for pictures and does this ridiculous (and super cute) smile. 
I just love it when they play together...they're just the sweetest kids!
So's the best when they laugh together like this!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

4th of July

We celebrated with Matt and Leah on Saturday and went to Mimi and Papa's on Sunday. It was a very funfilled weekend and a rare 3 day weekend for both Matt and me.
Slide!  Into a pool!
Leah made popsicles with yogurt, fruit and a little honey.  Yummy, healthy and festive!