Friday, January 27, 2012

Yesterday Chloe said one word that brought tears to my eyes.  "Noah."  She's been calling her big brother "Wawa" since she first started talking.  We think it's cute, so while I never call Noah "Wawa," I also never try to get her to stop.  All the sudden yesterday, she just started calling him by his proper name...and she did it all day.  She even corrected Matt when he asked her if she had had fun with Wawa, "No Daddy, No-ah!"  I'm not completely sure where the tears came from.  There are so many new things she says or does these days.  This particular one just blind-sided me.  My Chloe is a little girl.  Not a baby.  Uh-oh, the tears are a-comin again. 

I guess Noah couldn't be outdone by his sister.  Yesterday he looked at me and said, "Mommy, I think you need to take me to preschool." 

This growing up thing is just happening way too fast for my taste.

Here's a few semi-recent pics of the kiddos...since they make the blog so much prettier:)  We had a picnic outside at a nearby playground earlier this month (yes, it was warm enough even in Wyoming in January to have a picnic least for one day).  I took a ton of pics but I didn't have the settings right to get good shots in the bright sun.  These were the ones that turned out the best. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ten Weeks in...Wyoming

Today is cold and yucky. Wind chill is supposed to get in the -30s tonight and the roads are already slippery. BUT...I'm home with my babies and I don't have to leave (ever) if I don't want to. So I love it. From the warmth of the living room, I can see the snow blowing around and it's a nice picture (only because I don't have to go out in it). We had some new friends come over this morning for a playdate which was so fun. N and C play so well together, but there's something really sweet about seeing them get to know new little ones. Noah asked immediately after they left for another playdate soon:). So here are some more quick takes on our new state.

-When Wyoming applied for statehood, they had to count cattle since the state wasn't populated with enough people to gain statehood. At the time there was more cattle than people.

-We received a phone book the other day for "Northeastern Wyoming and the surrounding area" and it's half the size that our Hburg/Rockingham county one was.

-People talk about places that are 2-3 hours away as if they're just up the street. I'll have to live here a long time to get used to that...

-We paid our babysitter what we would have paid in VA...and the next day her mom (who works with Matt) returned half the money and laughed at how much babysitters must charge in VA. Works for me:)

-This has supposedly been a "mild winter." Thank you God for easing me in...

-Most people here are Broncos fans. It's rubbed off...I just can't help liking Tebow. (No worries, my loyalty remains with the Giants. I can't help but wonder if Matt will be upset if Noah ends up a Broncos fan??)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Girl...

We had our first ultrasound yesterday and found out that Baby 3 is most likely a girl. The cord was between her legs the entire time, so it's possible that in four weeks at the next ultrasound we'll have a little surprise. In the meantime the hardest thing for me will be to NOT buy anything yet...just in case. The reason we had to have this ultrasound was mostly because Matt and I didn't have a firm grasp on how pregnant I might be. You know the typical questions...
"When was the first day of your last period?"
"8.31.11...I think."
"How sure are you?"
"Not at all..."
So according to the date I gave them, they thought I could be at about 19 weeks, but after the US, they bumped me back to 17.5 weeks putting my due date at 6.16.12. I'm really glad about the date change since they won't let me go past 39 weeks anyway. The date bump also means that Baby wasn't big enough yet for the typical full anatomy I have to have another one in 4 weeks. Those of you that know me know how much I hate having any type of extra medical anything done to me...but I am glad that we'll get a more definitive look so we can be sure that she is in fact a girl.
The only concern the doctor had was that the placenta was covering my cervix. I'm praying and believing that it will move up out of the way as Baby grows. Specifically, that it's implanted in the endometrial lining and NOT in my uterus. For now, please pray with me that that is the case. There could be other complications down the road if it's not...but I don't want to talk about worst case scenarios right now. Either way, Baby was looking great and this won't effect her. God is the author of life and is in control of this situation - thanks so much for your prayers.
On a lighter note, Chloe and Noah are very excited to have a little sister. They both love babies so much - I'm so excited to see their little faces when they finally get to meet her for the first time. Here are some names they've suggested since yesterday (in parenthesis, the kid that suggested it):
Matthew (Noah)
Chloe (Noah)
Anya (Noah)
Atti (Noah)
Like (Chloe)
Watch (Chloe)
Eden (Chloe)

And here's Chloe changing her baby's diaper.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another First...Christmas

Our first Christmas in Wyoming has already come and gone.  Matt had to work six days a week almost all of December, and until after 7 for the week leading up to the 25th.  We're all so glad that his schedule will only be like that one time a year...and now we have him back! 
We spent a lot of time leading up to Christmas talking about Jesus's Birthday...and the main question that Noah kept coming up with was, "How are we going to give Jesus his presents?"  It gave us lots of opportunities to explain and demonstrate to Noah how we can give Him gifts (I just love seeing things click in his little head).  I think that it did confuse him a little that he received gifts on Christmas, (and not just Jesus), but I think by next year he'll be able to understand more clearly.  Chloe has become a big prayer warrior in the family, she loves talking to Jesus and reminds us to pray daily.  I did intend to make a "Happy Birthday Jesus" birthday cake, but just ran out of time (good thing the kids were too young to notice). 
It was a very different Christmas for us, but it was nice to have a low key day and enjoy time together.  We were able to have a relaxing morning (if that's possible with a 2 and 3 year old surrounded by presents) and go to church.  We let Noah stay up through his nap so he could have "big boy" time to play with some of his more time consuming and Chloe-unfriendly toys.  We got to skype with a lot of family, but missed being able to actually spend time with them.  I guess in a way we've been spoiled by all the holidays we have spent with family.  It's hard to believe that it was 7 years ago that we had our first Christmas with a Micah as a baby.  Since then we've watched him, Riley and Uriah grow up with Noah and Chloe through holidays, birthdays, and many family nights.  They adore each other and it's so sad to be so far away from them.  
Here are some pictures from our much quieter than usual Christmas Day.