Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wyoming, really? Yes - Wyoming.

We're moving.  To Wyoming.  In about 5 weeks.  Yes really.

Matt has a new job as a goldsmith and jewelry designer at a jewelry store in Gillette, Wyoming.  This isn't something we were looking for or even had any idea would happen a month ago.  It's come up that suddenly.

Here are some quick takes that will hopefully answer any questions you may have:

Matt flew out there last week and had a great experience with the store owners and employees.  He's signed a contract, so we're definitely going, and we'll definitely be gone for at least two years. 

We're still trying to nail down exactly what we want to do with the store here.  The plan now is to maintain ownership and have Randy and Sheri Dixon (the former owners) run the store.  Our lease is up in November, so we have options and will definitely be moving the store location at minimum. 

I'll be staying home with the kids.  (Insert cheering and jumping up and down).  I'm very sad that I'll finally be doing this in a place where I know no one and have no stay at home mommy support system.  I do know that God is good, and He has given us the opportunity that we've wanted for a long time - I'm so grateful for God's provisions thus far and know that He has amazing people and experiences in store for us in WY. 

Matt will be leaving in mid-late Oct, will work for 2-3 weeks and then fly back to drive across the country with us. 

Yes we've moving ourselves.  The new job is helping, but it will still be costly for us.  Matt will be driving the moving I'll be driving the kids in our car.  For the approximately 27 hour drive.  We're praying that it works out for someone to come with us for the drive.  Thinking that we'll split it into 4 days, the first day ending in a visit with my brother's family in Ohio (but for not long enough). 

I am in major purge mode.  I'm hoping to sell some things to help with the cost of the move...but when it comes down to it, we just have a lot of stuff that we don't need to take across the country with us.  Stay tuned on FB for a ghetto-virtual yardsale of sorts. 

Thanks for all our friends and family that have been supportive and have offered to help.  We'll probably take you up on it, so stay tuned. 

Oh, and hey, I'll be able to blog a lot more.  Hmm, I meant to sell you more on the idea of Wyoming, but got a little caught up in other details.  I guess that's a future post.  That's it for now.  I have to pack people!!!  (while Matt watches football)