Tuesday, May 3, 2011


First thing Easter morning we gave Noah his new Bible and talked to him about what Easter really means.  He'll still tell you that it's about eggs and Easter baskets if you ask him though.  We're working on it...
Here are their Easter Baskets.  I hid them so we could focus on talking about Easter before the kids started eating chocolate.  One of the first things Noah will tell you about this day is that he got a vitamin in an egg.  He was so excited even though he gets a gummy vitamin every day - somehow it was just thrilling that he found it in his egg.  And yes.  I'm that mom.  They each got 3 eggs containing 1 M&M and 1 egg with a PB cup (but Matt didn't let Chloe eat hers).  Sorry, but more chocolate than that before 8am is just madness in my book.  (Plus I knew that Mimi and Papa would make sure they got plenty of sugar later in the day.)

Chloe liked the grass - until she got some in her mouth. 
All dressed up.  I wonder when Noah will stop freaking out if we try to take a family picture without him holding at least one car or truck...
I just love this picture.  Special time with Papa. 
Easter Baskets from Mimi and Papa!  And yes, there was plenty of chocolate (AND cotton candy which is still hidden away.)

Love this boy!  And he loves lollipops.
Quality time with Joanna:)

It's egg hunting time!  Noah got A LOT of eggs.  He was too busy collecting them for me to get a good picture.  This kid is serious about his candy...
Chloe got quite a few eggs too...
...such a sweetie!
Love love love that the kids get to spend holidays with their cousins (some of them anyway).  Can you believe how big Micah is getting?!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Noah is 3 - Photo Dump

 Monster Truck madness this birthday.
Lightning McQueen Carrot Cake.  Decorating cakes like this takes a LOT longer than I thought.  But it was worth it to see Noah so excited about his cake.  

 Party at Hillandale - the weather ended up being wonderful.  (Remind me next year to bring a broom - the park wasn't officially open yet and everything was D-I-R-T-Y.
 So glad for all Noah's friends that came out.  We love you all - thanks for coming!

 Noah likes the frosting best...

All pictures were taken before Noah fell off the table and hit his head on the pavement.  Praise God he was fine - pretty shaken up, but fine.  We pretty much celebrated his birthday for a week leading up to his party...and had leftover cupcakes for another week after that (Noah just had the frosting of course).  So fun to celebrate my sweet Noah's first three years - and the many many years to come.