Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Going to the store..."

This was Noah's game last night.  He said he was taking all his games to Target.  Since he started this at 7pm - we just left it there overnight...
This morning he started moving his "pile,"  He said he had to take them to the store.  He's currently putting everything back on the couch.  He won't tell me why...but he has added his books and the shoe basket and all it's contents to his "pile."

Noah is such a crack up lately.  He comes up with the craziest things to do sometimes.  Remember when I semi-bragged about how he wouldn't get out of his big boy bed in the morning?   Well, we finally convinced him (about 2 weeks ago) to get out of bed and come into our room to get us when he wakes up.  (He was screaming for us from his room and waking up Chloe previously).  So two days ago, Matt and I wake up to Noah turning the light on.  We're groggy, not really awake.  Suddenly, "Mommy, whas dis?  Mommy, is Handy Manny?  Mommy..."  Matt and I bolt up, "Noah no, get out of the closet!"  Uh oh.  He's discovered where I had hidden his birthday presents.  Sigh.  We did end up giving him a couple of pieces out of the box.  Manny and 3 tools.  I'm just glad he didn't see all the rest of the stuff in the closet as well.