Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A New Sister

Matt and I have joked in the past months that Noah and Chloe were more excited about meeting Grace than we were.  The day that Matt's parents arrived in town, Noah kept telling us to "leave so you can get Baby Grace out."  We've been home for 3 full days now and the excitement over Grace's arrival has not waned.  The kids were excited to see Matt and me when we got home...but they were over the moon to finally see Grace.   
Noah, dutiful big brother that he is, immediately started telling us what Grace wanted.  He brought her some toys, told us that she wanted her hat off, etc.  He thinks he knows exactly what she wants at all times and is super helpful.
Chloe couldn't take her eyes off of Grace.  She kept giggling and saying, "Baby Grace is so tiny," or "Baby Grace is so funny!" 
Aside from Noah leaving to get her toys, neither kid wanted to be further than a foot from her since we walked in the door.  Unfortunately, Grace was a little hungry and overstimulated at this first meeting.  Her crying didn't upset the kids at all though, they just wanted to hug her and love on her. 
These are from our first full day home.  Grace has adapted beautifully to being patted, hugged, held and constantly having Noah and Chloe in her face. 
About twice every hour I have a conversation with the kids that goes something like this:
N: Can I hold Baby Grace?
N: No me first...
And on and on.  If one of them is otherwise distracted, or I ask them to wait for some reason, they will continue to ask to hold her until I give up.  It's very sweet.  And a little tiring.

I thought the thing the kids would have the hardest time with was the time I have to spend with Grace.  But they really don't seem to be jealous at all.  They adore her.  The hardest thing for them so far has more to do with my limited capabilities while I'm recovering.  Please continue to pray for a quick recovery for me, and a gentle transition for all of us as this family of five settles into a new normal. 

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